Mass Follow for Twitter

The best in-browser Twitter Automation tool for Google Chrome.

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πŸ”’ Account Safety

Mass Follow is developed and maintained to be 100% safe to use on your account. When using our extension, you can be confident that your Twitter account is fully safe and secure.

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🎨 Customizable

Mass Follow's settings are fully customizable and able to be tailored specifically for your account. This includes which followers you want to target, private versus public accounts, how many followers you want to target per cycle, and more.

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πŸ˜€ Easy to Use

Mass Follow is self explanatory, simple, easy to use, and easy to understand. It takes less than 60 seconds to setup!

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πŸ” Full Automation

Dial in your settings, and let Mass Follow run in the background without you having to worry about anything. Sit back and watch your follower count grow exponentially.

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Follows, Unfollows, Retweets, and Likes - All Automated

Mass Follow automatically Likes and Retweets tweets, and Follows and Unfollows users at custom intervals set by you. Press the start button, and watch the magic happen.

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Custom Targeting & Error Messages

With Mass Follow's extensive options, you can custom select which profiles to avoid (such as those with private accounts, no profile picture, etc.). Mass Follow will let you know what accounts were successfully followed and which were avoided, and why.

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Simple Pricing

πŸ€‘ Save 40% when selecting annual billing!

Mass Follow Basic
/per month, billed
What’s included
  • Max 10 Follows per Cycle
  • Max 10 Unfollows per Cycle
  • Max 10 Likes per Cycle
  • Max 10 Retweets per Cycle
  • Unlimited Cycles Daily
  • Full 24/7 Automation
  • Priority Support
Mass Follow Pro
/per month, billed
What’s included
  • Unlimited Follows per Cycle
  • Unlimited Unfollows per Cycle
  • Unlimited Likes per Cycle
  • Unlimited Retweets per Cycle
  • Unlimited Cycles Daily
  • Full 24/7 Automation
  • Priority Support

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